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Colon Hydrotherapy

is a time old treatment

The earliest known medical book describes it. Evers of Paprus 1,500BC. People would introduce hollow reed into the rectrum cleansing and to help maintain health and avoid disease, many therapists believe death begins in the colon. The development of sophisticated colon irrigation machines and disposable equipment make this therapy safe and convenient and to maintain a biologically balanced colon.

“We are what we eat and drink!”

And with the ever increasing older population, and the amount of processed and chemically enhanced foods. Unsurprisingly bowel Cancer is the 2nd largest Cancer.


The Dotolo machine created by Dotolo the largest research foundation into bowel cancer in the world is a closed circuit machine, warm filtered water from it enters the rectum and is returned to waste outlet taking all putrified and rotting food still enclosed in the colon, the client is relaxed and warm gently massage is applied to the stomach to help eliminate waste, the client can see in the machine tube the waste going to outlet. Please allow one hour approx for treatment.

Colonic irrigation

removes stagnant and putrified deposits which attaches to the large intestine walls and becomes toxic. Diseases can be caused by toxemia.

Colon hydrotherapy

gently cleans the whole large intestine, the sigmoid, descending, transverse, ascending parts of the colon as well as the cecum.

Detoxify the whole body

Colon Hydrotherapy not only cleanses the colon, it helps to detoxify the whole body.


Dotolo, world leader in research and colon health. Their machines are state of the art colon hydrotherapy devices.

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70% of your serotonin is made in your gut. What’s going on in your gut is going to affect your mood – anxiety, depression and focus.

Dr. Frank Lipman

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